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VERTEX Jabdu Olad Limited has been operational since 1988 as business names enterprise until Partnering Companies required a Limited Liability Company of at least 2 million shares capital; and its operational base(s) in Bena, Funtua, Abuja, Girinya, Oyo and Ibadan. RC-1288060
  • Sara Wright
    I strongly recommend them for wonderful service
    Sara Wright
  • Jennifer Lee
    I can't wait to assign my next project to them. Good work guys
    Jennifer Lee
  • Brandon Ross
    Lovely service is what they offer
    Brandon Ross
To provide guaranteed services and delivery in accordance with the required standards and quality of our customers.
Being a responsive partner to active citizens in giving back to the community and complying with regulations
  • VERTEX Jabdu Olad Limited consistently appraise current market status in order to sustain our integrity and our utmost desire to satisfy our customers by meeting up with their standards.
  • We are a quintessence of efficiency owing to our management; with spontaneous vision, adaptive and scrupulous forecast. We flaunt our good customer's network and vast experience in determining the quality.
  • Substantial warehousing facilities if required by our customers.
  • Our personnel structure is highly trusted and sustaining.
  • Our prices are strong succor to our customers
  • Remarkable financial collateral from the banks.
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